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  1. Arduino Park Control
  2. Arduino USB2serial programming the bare bone
  3. Arduino Projects Videos added
  4. Arduino Xbee projects
  5. Arduino dB Meter 
  6. Trying to get the IOIO going. 
  7. IOIO is going....bluetooth
  8. Attiny 2313 bluetooth bee RC car
  9. Compass and temperature added
  10. AVR programmer
  11. USB2Serial and Ethernet POE
  12. Arduino LPG Sensor
  13. Program the Arduino Mini 05
  14. Lipo Rider Pro in action
  15. EZ Robot Builder kit arrived 10 Nov 2012
  16. Arduino VA Meter!
  17. 05 Nov 2012 Project Sentry Gun.
  18. Attiny85 PIR Sensor 10 Dec 2012 
  19. 0-30VDC3A and 2-28VDC10A bench PSU's
  20. 19 Dec 2012 Arduino Voltmeter LCD
  21. 29 Dec 2012 Arduino Tachometer&Speedometer LCD
  22. 03 Jan 2013 Arduino AC Phase Control. 
  23. 18 Jan 2013 Arduino Distance Meter
  24. 22 Jan 2013 Arduino Digital Clock and Date
  25. 31 Jan 2013 Arduino Digital Clock and Date 8x2 LCD
  26. Feb 2013 LCD and Backpack
  27. Feb 2013 7 Segment Serial Clock Sparkfun. Distance Sensor with "newping" library
  28. Feb 2013 Lelo Remote
  29. 01/03/2013 Arduino Adafruit 7 Seg Digital Clock with RTC and backpack 
  30. Arduino Frequency Meter 26/03/2013
  31. Another RC  Car controlled by Arduino 06/04/2013
  32. My quadcopter project update 25 April 2013
  33. My Aqua Quad Copter Flying 26 April 2013enlightened
  34. Another monster RC truck;strong one! 11July2013cool
  35. X-Frame Quad Copter 31 July 2013cool
  36. Arduino GSM Sheild added.28/8/2013
  37. 1.8inch TFT screen 13/09/2013cool
  38. 04/11/2014 added PID Soldering Iron Control
  39. Added bluetooth servo control 04/11/2014
  40. ESP8266 first try.16/03/2015
  41. Arduino Uno Quadcopter 19 May 2015
  42. IOT WemosD1 Amp Meter



14 Jan 2013.

Most of the quad copter parts arrived.

Still waiting for brush-less motor plate mounts and frame.

19 Feb 2013 and the frame is shipped! Also I decided to order other brushless motors. 

11 April 2013 motors arrived.


1. Green and red leds mounted in frame bottom to show front and back. How to power those leds?

2. Mount go pro or similar bracket at the bottom (outside) of the frame.

3. Think of on/off switch to be mounted. Decided against that

4. What wires need to be lenghted for battery charging.Done

5. The connections of the motors towards the esc.Grommets for holes drilled? I used glue

6. Possibility of opening and re- seal the frame for better mount space, connections etc.Nope!!

7. Paint round circular patterens around the frame to show front and back-like propeller colours?

8. Make provision for a feature fiiting of augmentation equipment. 

9. Mount two batteries in parallel. Done...weight??

10. Think of heat building up inside the frame...maybe front and back holes, but waterproof will be challenged.

11. By doubling up on the top plastic cover, we might increase space?

12. Nuts and bolts -use tight lock? Done

13. Vibration consequences if any?

25 April 2013

I fitted two 5000mA/H Lipo 30C batteries in parallel. I am concerned about the weight, but let us first try.

May 2013

I have rebuild the quadcopter h-frame and will rebuild again with aliminium square tubing all around instead of the flat aliminium plate I am flying with now.

July 2013

I have buitl my latest  (fourth) attempt quadcopter. This time X-shape frame and long story short, I am happy witht the results.

Maybe 12 inch props to try.

Loiter works fine, Return to launch is working fine. Software version 3 on the ardupilot. 

A video from the X frame quad copter can be viewed HERE





Motors fitted and motor wires totally hided inside the aluminium tubing towards the main piece of the copter.

Centre platform which I used to build on upwards like in next picture.

The top platform/base with the receiver, ardupilot and GPs fitted

From the top again with wiring done.

Ready for first flight

While in loiter mode

08/03/2013 and my quad copter frame arrived.

The 6 channel receiver

Quad ESC 20A


Transmitter Control Remote

Lipo battery

Ardupilot 2.5 with 3DR GPS.

Power cable
My Aqua Quad Copter Maiden Flight at Night

Aqua Quad Copter Maiden flight

Aqua Quad Copter Maiden Flight Night

Second Quad Copter


My trainer Quadcopter in flight.

Photo Gallery

These are the quad copter piccies been taken of my first aqua copter and my h-frame attempt as well as the X- frame. So it is combined attempts until my fourth quad copter with X-frame.

201305251412521 Medium-2958.jpg 20130525141254 Medium-3876.jpg 201305251412461 Medium-1650.jpg 20130428084241 Medium-4550.jpg 20130428084247 Medium-3646.jpg 20130428084420 Medium-3910.jpg 20130411134707 Medium-3787.jpg 20130411134724 Medium-4123.jpg 20130509154922 Medium-4994.jpg 20130509154931 Medium-4436.jpg 20130508094101 Medium-1776.jpg 20130508094117 Medium-942.jpg 20130508094127 Medium-254.jpg 20130508094134 Medium-1428.jpg 20130508114142 Medium-3420.jpg 20130509154938 Medium-780.jpg 20130412171049 Medium-4545.jpg 20130422164150 Medium-1036.jpg 20130422164230 Medium-786.jpg 20130422164237 Medium-356.jpg 20130423150321 Medium-2639.jpg 20130423150350 Medium-212.jpg 20130424100241 Medium-2707.jpg 20130425114856 Medium-2417.jpg 20130425114902 Medium-2046.jpg 20130425114913 Medium-1003.jpg 20130729115353 Small-3992.jpg 20130729115419 Small-2742.jpg 20130729115432 Small-3221.jpg 20130729121542 Small-3340.jpg 20130729140500 Small-2375.jpg 20130729140522 Small-4063.jpg 20130731084832 Small-234.jpg

201305251412521 Medium-2958.jpg


06 April 2015


This is most probably my eighth copter build. From the one shape to the other frame to the other version to the other flight controller.

Now I am with the pixhawk.

Frame 600 mm X frame

Motors 800KV turnigy hobbyking

3c lipo 25C

12 inch props

Telemetry, working also perfectly with TOWER android application!!

Next phase camera and fpv

But, I ended up with the following issue, keeping me busy for days and driving me insane:

After the build completion, the quad copter flew and handeled very well, still not touching trims or PID values other than default.

RTL, loiter etc all working fine. Completed missions scessfully, UNTIL:

The one day , just before retyring flying for the day, I made a big mistake. I flipped radio switches between loiter mode and rtl with the throttle down,

usesless to mention what happened.angry

My copter dropped out of the sky about 15 meters high. No props broken, just a few bends on the frame here and there. Got it all fixed

and back to the playground.

Then, two problems from lift off:

1. Immediate yaw to the left in stabilize mode.

   Slow yaw to the left in loiter mode

2. NO yaw to the right. Rather a wobble effect, loiter mode and most probably in stabilze mode too.

Back to the bench.

1. FW upgrade

2. Recalibration of accellorometer, compass, radio etc.

Nothing changed with the next test flight.

Then back home and after inspection of the brand new motors, noticed three out of the four motors are grinding like bearings faulty.

Replaced the bearings with similar secondhand motors. Sounds great again. But at this stage already, I cant remember which motor was not serviced or did not required a new bearing!

Nevertheless, back to the playground. Stabilize lift off, immediate yaw to the left and now yaw to the right. Rather a dangerous looking wobble. Stop flying , back home to the bench again.

Google like hell! Checked the 4 in 1 ESC. Just cant get to the exact same  problem, close but still not the same. yes, the bearings effect I did pick up from google and forums and should influence the yaw. Can we thus from this, assume bad bearings due to the hard fall?

Check the frame. Check the motor mounts. Check the motor mounts screws. Measure the heights, the level etc, nothing immediately telling me anything at all.

Then, for some lucky reason (still to confirm if it was lucky and working), I pulled on one front left motor body just to find the body loose from the motor frame only hold back by the magnetism, obviously telling me the shaft of the motor is loose. Removed the motor and there is no circlip!

First question to myself, was this motor serviced and if so, did I replace the circlip properly? Or did this specific motor circlip came off for some reason?

I dont know! I am confused also due to the fact, I not knowing which motor was serviced by me. 

Neverthelss, got circlip from another motor lying around and fit the circlip again.

Armed the motors without props, sounds great by the ear when applying yaw stick both left and right.

Went outside, armed the quadcopter with props fitted, hold the quadcopter in my left hand while throttle and yaw to the left and right. Feels great.

I am waiting now for the lipos to get charged. Will be back on the playground and will update the above article. 

06 April 2015 late afternoon


Still the same problem.

I am now so to say close to replace both the 4 in 1 esc as well as the pixhawk.

17 April 2015

Ordered a new 4 in 1 esc, ordered new motors and a new frame.

This is how frustrated I was with the previous copter not yaw to the left.

Today I am still pretty sure it was not my frame. Not motor mounts, nor bearings, but the 4 in 1 ESC was the culprit.

The closest I am getting to proof this statement, is what is been noted on the internet regarding motors which are stopped by e.g a hard fall and consequently burn the ESC outputs. That is the closest I am going to describe the yaw problem I experienced.

I am now using a 450 frame, 1200KV motors and a new 4 in 1 ESC and this thing is just awesome. SO stable from initial maiden flight. 8 inch props and all going well. No problems from the pixhawk at all. 



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