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AVR Programmer.

Programming the attinies, 3213, and bootloaders on the 328 , 644 etc. with our multi programming pc board developed by Peter from house4hack in Pretoria.

This is like the next version since the previous pc board only with Attiny 85 and 3213. Avery handy tool indeed!

Peter provided the uncut undrilled pc board and I finished off assembling.

Here we bootloaded the Gen7 reprap bootloader on the Atmega 644 20 Mhz with great success.

29 July 2017

Today, some years since I bought/used this avr programmer.

To make it work you have to download the USBTiny ISP drivers for windows in my case.

This programmer works well to burn bootloader on Atmega328P chips.

Why this article after so many years?

I walked into arduino IDE error: STK500 not in sync. What a nuisance of an error.

I just could get this error resolved with google and all, nothing. From COM ports to usb cable replacements to what ever guidance in various online forums. Nothing helped me.

I bought Atmega 328P chips with pre loaded bootloader, well thats what my regular components shop told me and the items were also marked "with bootloader"

Fair enough, inserted the new chips into UNO clones and originals and observe the blinking led code working just fine on all of them.

But , when I tried to upload any other code, I ended up in that stupid STK500 not in sync error. I was pulling my hair out of my head for days. I mean, the bootloader is on the chip and indications fine?

Then, I pulled closer my AVR programmer as in above picture and downloaded the drivers for it.

Inserted the 328 chip, choose uno board, choose com 1, and hit the button "burn bootloader". Less than seconds done bootloader.

Ok, replaced the chip into a uno clone or original UNO board, choose correct COM port again, choose UNO board, uplaod any sketch!

Goodness gracious, what a releive?

So, my conclusion: pre loaded bootloaders? Perhaps there are different bootloaders I think, I am not that sure. From now on, I will burn my own bootloaders anyway. 

So, got some UNO boards ready again for playing.




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