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Arduino Geyser Controller.txt

Arduino Geyser Controller with bluetooth

Arduino Geyser Control.

Or alternatively hot water tanks (domestic use) control.

Control of three main devices namely two hot water tanks in series connected as well as a retrofit solar hot water collector.

12 Jan 2016

Arduino to control retrofit hot water system. Controlling solar pump and hot water tank with temperature deltas.

I started with hacking an existing geyser thermostat. Hacked the thermostat by removing the manual temperature copper plates/switches. I replaced the whole lot with LM335Z. Reason being they work well with any distance from controller. 

Arduino code and rest to follow. Code changes and assistance from Wynand Wolmarans.

Some piccies of hacked thermostat converted into a digital temperature sensor, below.

See also piccies below regarding LCD, Uno and solid state relay and connection to hot water tank(geyser)

The experiment board , as in piccies now ready to accept retrofit hot water system. The 12v solar pump will be activated to circulate hot water from pipe on roof into hot water inlet of hot water tank the moment when the difference of temperatures between retrofit and hotwater tank is more than 6 degrees.

23 June 2016.

Arduino circuitry done. Only the retrofit solar hot water collector to be mounted and installed.

The control is done mainly with bluetooth control from your smart phone via an android app.

The sketch is 98% done by myself. Assistance from Wynand.

Yes, I control with Arduino Nano three hot water tanks or geysers as we are calling them in SA.

My hot water tanks became HOTWATER robots now!wink

I lie now in bed and is able then to change the settings/parameters of the geysers as I wish them to be. cool

E.g. changing the set temperature of the main geyser.

Switching on and off both geysers in series.

Hot water collector outside on roof automatically works retrofit style with delta temperature parameters compared.

Auxillary relay to switch 10A AC or DC.

Control of temperature settings up or down.

Built in clock which can be set with two buttons if needed to fine tune the clock.

Etc. Once you read and study the sketch, more will be clear regarding the actions of my hot water robots.

25 July 2016

I added the following to the sketch and works excellent in practise:

1. Antifreeze function- to prevent the solar hot water collector freezing up.

2. In stead of switching AC trip switch in house switch board, I can now ignore previous set times for one of the controlled geysers in my house. 




Photo Gallery
Arduino Retrofit Hot Water Tank Control

Arduino to control a retrofit hot water system. To be able to use delta temperatures to switch on and off the solar pump and to controll the geyser normally via SSR.

Hacked an existing thermostat to make my own digital  temperature sensor. 

20160112123314 Mobile-1754.jpg 20160112123330 Mobile-3869.jpg 20160112123353 Mobile-4541.jpg 20160112131010 Mobile-3600.jpg 20160112131030 Mobile-466.jpg 20160112131201 Mobile-307.jpg 20160118122807 Mobile-1638.jpg 20160118122817 Mobile-1.jpg 20160118122823 Mobile-3072.jpg 20160609142042 Mobile-1816.jpg 20160609142111 Mobile-3612.jpg 20160609142118 Mobile-3539.jpg 20160623131702 Mobile-4237.jpg 20160623131646 Mobile-459.jpg Screenshot20160624083459 Mobile-4369.png

20160112123314 Mobile-1754.jpg

The finished hacked thermostat. Now ended up as a digital temperature sensor for my hot water tank(geyser).

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