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WiFi - WemosD1 AMp Meter

WemosD1 ESP8266 Amp Meter

Alarms - Arduino Chess Clock

Arduino Uno Chess Clock with LCD.

Ultrasonic Ping - Arduino Watertank Level Indication

Arduino rain water harvesting tank level indicator. LCD display. Ultrasonic measurement module.

WiFi - ESP8266 Web Server

Arduino IDE and ESP8266.

WiFi - ESP8266 Web Server

My first try with Esp8266 working eventually. I used LUA script with LUA GUI.

Servo Control - Bluetooth Servo Control

Arduino Android App Bluetooth Servo Control

Bluetooth Applications - Ultimate RC Control

Android application, blue tooth and arduino uno/mini. Obstacle avoidance with ping sensor. Battery voltage monitor indication.Intelligent lighting. Blink leds on rooftop with timedaction.h library.

Bluetooth Applications - Arduino Android RC Bluetooth Control 2

Arduino and android again. Bluetooth. Very strong existing brushed motor of the HSP truck. 4 wheel drive.

Bluetooth Applications - Arduino Android RC Bluetooth Control

Bluetooth, Arduino , Android app. HSP truck. Brushed motor. Motordriverboard etc. See sketch in website.

Ultrasonic Ping - Ultrasonic Ping Speaking Distance Meter

Ultrasonic ping speaking distance meter with16x2 LCD and a 3.7W class D amplifier. Wave files on SD card mounted within Adafruit wave shield.

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